A.I. Based PTE Software

The future belongs to A.I.

Increasing number of exams are using Artificial Intelligence for evaluation and students need access to A.I. technology to improve the way they prepare for these exams.

Using latest technology can help them in staying ahead of competition. The greatest benefit of A.I. technology is the ability to instantly see what mistakes you are making. So you know immediately where your focus should be.

Some aspects where you can get the most out of A.I.:

1) Strategies by 90-ALL Master Trainer
Bhrat Brij, a master trainer at Marvel PTE has got perfect 90-ALL score in all ten scoring skills of PTE. He is not a native English speaker, and still he got perfect 90 in pronunciation (all thanks to a few great strategies). After years of practice and experience, he has devised a unique and straightforward strategy for all the questions types (for speaking, writing, listening and reading) which everyone can follow and achieve their target score, even in the first attempt. When you get the subscription for MarvelPTE, you too get to learn all his strategies. Moreover, MarvelPTE’s software is fine-tuned as per these strategies, so you can easily ace them with a little bit of practice. With these easy to follow strategies, hundreds of students have been able to achieve their target score, and you can also fulfil your dream of studying or settling in Australia.


2) Speaking Made Simple
The most crucial section of PTE is Speaking. If you are not getting your desired score in speaking, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to achieve your target score in other sections of the PTE exam. Speaking contributes marks to listening as well as reading score. That’s why we have to put particular emphasis on speaking. With MarvelPTE’s A.I. based software, you will be able to boost your fluency and pronunciation marks. We will teach many tricks and strategies to improve your pronunciation score in PTE. Our master trainer, Bhrat Brij, is not a native English speaker and still scored 90 in fluency and pronunciation. If you follow his tips and techniques, you can also get 90 in Speaking.


3) Voice Analysis Mode
Most of the test takers know that PTE speaking scores are based on two enabling skills: Fluency and Pronunciation. But many don’t know how Pearson’s A.I. measures them – on which metrics, and acceptable ranges. Our master trainer, Bhrat Brij, has done exhaustive research on it and developed MarvelPTE’s A.I. It’s not just another PTE software. We employ similar A.I. to analyse test-takers’ voice.

Our A.I. not only shows you what you have spoken but also how much was your fluency (out of 90), accuracy percentage (number of words spoken correctly) as well as your pronunciation score (out of 90). Well, that covers everything needed for speaking, but wait, with MarvelPTE’s A.I., you get to see if the pitch of your voice is within an acceptable range for PTE software or not. This is one of the primary reasons why many students score less on pronunciation in PTE. Another revolutionary analysis done by our A.I. software is measuring average pause you take while speaking; which is very helpful in the review of your fluency score. If your average pauses are not within the acceptable range, chances are high that it is going to impact your fluency score. That’s not all; you can also compare your pronunciation word wise with a native speaker, so you know where you are going wrong and can improve pronunciation scores further.


4) Writing made easier than ever
Writing Summarize written text, Essay, and Summarize Spoken Text is the most challenging part for many students. Many find it challenging to use FANBOYS for their PTE writing, and we at MarvelPTE understand it. Our master trainer, Bhrat Brij, has special tips and tricks which help you to score 90 in Written Discourse and trust us, we don’t use all those sought-out methods like FANBOYS at all. Our 99% students get 90 marks in Written Discourse!

By writing as low as three words in summarise written text (yeah, that’s true! Just three words) in Summarize Written Text, and as few as around 30 words in essays (it’s a magic trick from where rest of words come), you can score full 100% marks in writing section of PTE.


5) Exam Mode
When you are near your exam, turn this mode on. This will show you those questions first, which have a high probability of coming in the straightforward. Memorise them! Trust me; we have students who said that they got 60% of their paper from exam mode. Recently, one of our students got 4 read aloud, and all write from dictation for our software’s questions.


6) Time Mode
PTE doesn’t just test your English abilities, your final score also depends on factors like how well do you know the exam – its pattern and how much aware you are of things like: the time given by PTE to prepare and perform for each question type. Moreover, in collectively timed sections, there are some item-types that are important while there are also a few item-types which do not carry any significant weightage at all. The problem is that students who are not well aware of these itty bitty things, focus on the wrong question types like single as well as multiple-choice questions in listening and reading or select correct summary in PTE Listening. They don’t know how much time they should spend on Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks or Reorder paragraphs. When starting your preparation for PTE, you can take as much time as you want to get accustomed; however, when you are near your test date, you should start managing your time and do a timed practice. This is taken care by time mode. Timed mode helps you to practise each question type within the time frame MarvelPTE teach. Our time mode hardwires your brain to solve the question within that time limit. Remember, you need to manage your time well if you need to achieve your target score.