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90-ALL Trainer

Learn from master trainer Bhrat Brij who scored a perfect 90 in all ten scores (Communicative and Enabling skills).

100% Computerised

100% software, 0% human. Get rated by a computer, NOT human for practice questions, practice tests and mock tests.

Real Exam Questions

Practice with the questions which come in real Pearson PTE Academic exam.

Exam Mode

Memorise the questions in Exam mode having the highest probability of coming in real exam.

100% Real Mock Experience

Our Mock Exam provides you complete 100% authentic Pearson PTE test experience. Practice all the strategies before real exam.

50+ Intensive Tests

35+ task sheets and 15+ mock tests providing enough practice opportunities with astonishing ease.

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Online PTE Practice

Evaluate your performance before appearing for the PTE Academic Exam

  • Fully Timed Mock Tests
  • Exam Questions
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  • Time-based Analytics
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  • Evaluation by A.I. Software
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How can I check result of my previous attempts or all attempts?

You can check results of all the tests attempts in the ‘Taken Test Result’ section.

How many attempts are there in total for each test?

There is only 1 attempt for each mock test. The practice test has no limits on attempts.

What if I want to give a feedback?

All the feedbacks are welcomed. You can share your experience or any suggestions that you have for us for the tutorial; overall as well as regarding any section or question.

There are no technical difficulties as such. However, in case you want to share any technical difficulties you faced, you can do that as well.

How to contact Customer Support?

Please drop a mail on Our team will reply you within 48 hours

What is the basic PC requirements for your online mock test?

It is important that you check the headphone connections carefully.

Supported Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac

Supported Browser: Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, IE, IE Edge We need latest version of Flash Player in your browser.

Supported Hardware: Headset with Microphone for Desktop Or Enable Speaker in Laptop For better visibility and navigation take the test on laptop or desktop.

Can I download these tests on my computer?

The tests are cloud-based and hence, can be accessed online only. You cannot download them.

I am unable to access the submit button.

Submit button is only visible at the end of the test. You can only save and exit in between the test but cannot submit the test.

Can two people surf the same account?

The same account cannot be accessed simultaneously. One credential can be used by only one person at one time. The latest login can continue the test.

Do I have to download any software to use these mock test?

No, there is no requirement of additional software to be downloaded unless you have adobe flash player. It is an online portal.

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MarvelPTE’s master trainer Bhrat Brij has scored a perfect 90 in all ten skills of PTE and help students in all areas of English and PTE with his unique, simple PTE strategies and tips.


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MarvelPTE’s A.I. based software, PTE strategies and tips, and weekly one-on-one online sessions in PTE coaching and training help everyone achieve their target score. Be it 58+ for study visas or 79+ for PR.


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