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Thousands of students have obtained their target PTE Academic score with Marvel's PTE online coaching. It's your turn now!

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Marvel PTE course is Accessible

  • Online interactive classes
  • Strategies that match your target score
  • Offline PTE Coaching
  • Online PTE Practice
  • Study anytime, anywhere

Marvel PTE training is Effective

  • Strategies that go into depth
  • Hacks and Shortcuts
  • A.I. based instant evaluation
  • 6000+ Practice Questions
  • Real Exam Questions
  • Prediction Videos
  • Daily Practice of All Modules
  • Practice with Native Speakers
  • Feedback for Writing & Speaking
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The benefits of proven strategies

  • Best Templates by 90-All Scorer
  • Proven Templates for 8+ Bands
  • A.I. based instant evaluation
  • In-depth training on: Concepts, Hacks and Mistakes

Marvel PTE Coaching Has A Lot To Offer

Easy techniques devised by Bhrat Sir for high score

Whether you need a 50+ or 79+ score, you’re in the right place
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In-depth lectures

Are you looking for hacks to Write, Speak, Listen, and Read quickly? Learn in detail how to please the software for maximum PTE score.

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Practice Area

It is true when experts say that practice is the key. Instantly review your Speaking, Writing, and Listening attempts using Artificial Intelligence.

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Correction Service

Feedback and strategy-based evaluation of your Writing, Speaking and Listening PTE practice answers by Marvel’s expert PTE teachers.

Authentic Practice Questions


Success Stories


Tests Taken

Know it

Take action

Get feedback

The proven approach

These are three fundamental pillars of success that students have relied on for years. Marvel’s PTE tutorials focuses on these three areas, providing a strong foundation for your success in the PTE test.
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Navreet Dhillon
Best institute for PTE preparation. No one can explain as logically as Bharat sir. He is very learned and experienced, and will show you the right way to navigate through PTE. Follow Marvel PTE tips, tricks and strategies like Bible, and you will smash it in one go.

The Solution

A perfect solution to your PTE problems

PTE Lectures

8 weeks of intensive PTE coaching according to Pearson’s A.I. Criteria

Grammar Course

30+ Grammar lectures you need for 79+ points

Pronunciation Course

26+ Pronunciation lectures necessary for scoring above 58 points

Study Plan

Each English language test is different, get a comprehensive plan for PTE that meets your score

Questions to target

PTE has 20 question type. Focus on the questions that are relevant to your target score.

Prediction Files

Video files with all the questions which are predicted to be on your PTE Academic exam.

1-to-1 Sessions

Book a 1-to-1 consultation with one of our experts to discuss your problems in depth.

Feedback on A.I. scored Mock Tests

Check your progress with Marvel's weekly PTE mock test. Analyse your progress towards your objective. A complete analysis of your work to identify your weak areas.

A.I. Practice Zone

Artificial intelligence that improves your writing and speaking skills. Sample answers and explanations for speaking and writing. Videos explaining reading questions.

Mavens of Marvel

Verified and proven strategies from expert brains

Marvel’s specialists that have helped thousands of students fulfil their dreams of studying overseas and settling abroad.
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Bhrat Brij

90-All Master Trainer
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PTE Trainer
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Vanita Handa

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Marvel's AI

Succeed with MarvelPTE

A comprehensive resource for all PTE related issues under the sun. Whether you are taking your first PTE exam or have studied for the Pearson test before, Marvel’s program helps you on all levels.
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Real Exam Questions
You will find all the Writing, Listening, Reading and Speaking questions you need for your exam right here.
The Power of A.I
Feedback right away on any mistakes you make in Writing, Listening and Speaking. Our intelligent system will evaluate your responses and let you know where you can improve.
Time Mode
Perfect the correct implementation method of time-based strategies.
90-All Trainer
Improve your scores with Bhrat Sir, our 90-All scorer in PTE. Cover every angle of the exam to avoid losing points.
Templates that work
PTE online classes with simple and effective templates that you need to learn just once.
Hack the
PTE score
Follow the time-tested and proven strategies to achieve your target score in the first attempt with shortcut to speaking like a native.

We give wings to your dreams

What students have to say about Marvel PTE

Mock tests and all their evaluations explained by Mam were superb. Great work!!! I am so happy to share my feedback about Marvel. Mock test is conducted every week. All our doubts are solved by mam.
Next can be you written in front of students holding placards of got 90 points in PTE

Price & Plans

Prepare for PTE Academic Online

At MarvelPTE, we provide complete integrated PTE online coaching and software access! When you subscribe to our package, you get access to both our strategies and A.I. PTE Software which guides you to achieve your desired score. In addition to this, you will also be given access to grammar and pronunciation courses, which you can visit on demand.

Everything is designed to give you better concept clarity along with an insight to the actual PTE test.

"Knowledge is half the battle, rest is implementation."

Get everything you need with just one subscription.
30 Days
Small Package for Success
30 Day access to software
4 Mock Tests with feedback
Strategies for 20 Questions
Bhrat Sir’s Pearson Mock Video
Daily Online Classes (Mon-Fri, Multiple Times)
Discussion Sessions
Pronunciation Course
Grammar Course
60 Days
Most Popular Package
60 Day access to software
8 Mock Tests with feedback
Strategies for 20 Questions
Bhrat Sir’s Pearson Mock Video
Daily Online Classes (Mon-Fri, Multiple Times)
Discussion Sessions
Pronunciation Course
Grammar Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the important answers from here is a complete PTE preparation solution that provides online and offline PTE coaching as well as software powered by artificial intelligence and mock tests.

All PTE coaching classes at Marvel are by default group coaching. The batch includes a few students who will get an online/offline PTE session with Bhrat Sir and his team for 4 to 8 weeks! Group coaching is fairly affordable and helps students follow a schedule.

Each class from PTE course is about 60-75 minutes long, Monday through Friday.

Yes, we have batches on the weekends. Also, note that weekend PTE coaching classes are from 90 to 120 minutes long.

We have Zoom-like software. The course welcome email will have all the instructions.

Our PTE software and classes work on Chrome browser of Mac devices. However, iPads and iPhones are not supported.

Yes, Marvel can help in such special circumstances where test taker is in a hurry to get desired score. Please contact support for assistance.

Yes, we offer multiple batches to accommodate your needs, and our AI software/online coaching platform is not restricted anywhere in the world.

Marvel PTE's course includes Online or offline lectures that cover all 20 types of tasks and strategies. Additionally, you get access to AI (artificial intelligence) software for practice, one practice test and one mock test every week, and grammar and pronunciation lessons (depending on your subscription type).

Yes, as part of Marvel's coaching package the software is included for the online PTE coaching subscription duration. You can extend your software access if you want.

Sign up at and contact support to set up your class. We have several batches running concurrently, so you can choose the one that suits you from multiple time-slots.

You'll find instructions in the welcome email, follow them. Alternatively, you may click the Online Lectures menu at then click on PTE Lecture.

Absolutely no additional software installation is needed. Our entire platform is available online. No software needs to be downloaded. You just need an active, high-speed internet connection and Chrome browser in your PC/Laptop.

This English language test involves lots of listening and speaking on the student's part. We recommend high-quality USB over-the-head headsets for a good practice experience.

Yes, you can get access to only software for practice, without any classes. Students who have learned the techniques and are only looking for practice can ask for things they need and save money by not paying the full subscription fee.

No, you do not have to buy this separately. The latest questions that are predicted to appear in upcoming exams are added in practice software to access them without any difficulty.

You will see such questions with the 'Hot' tag in the practice area. You will also find video files for uninterrupted, continuous practice of prediction material.

Yes, our team will guide you in booking the PTE Academic test with Pearson VUE. We offer authentic PTE Academic test vouchers at a discounted price, which you can use with confidence without having to worry about any problems that some students face due to sourcing vouchers from unreliable sources.

Mock tests are assigned every Saturday, and we suggest you take them immediately. However, if you do not get time for attempting a mock exam, you can sit it at a later time before your subscription expires.

We record the classes! So, in case you miss any session, you can still view its recording. If you miss one-on-one lessons without notice, we won't hold complimentary classes.

We regret to inform you that weekend or group classes will not be rescheduled. However, you can listen to the lecture recording.

Recordings will be available 3-4 hours after class time.

Recordings will be available 3-4 hours after class time.

We record the classes! So, in case you miss any session, you can still view its recording. If you miss one-on-one lessons without notice, we won't hold supplementary classes.

You can view recorded sessions up to 11 days after the class (depending on subscription type).

Yes, you can book an appointment with Marvel's tutors and come on the designated date and time for a meeting.