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MarvelPTE is a part of Marvel Education Group's effort to make your learning easier!
This modern world is changing and evolving at a rapid pace, and so are the ways we learn.
5 years ago, IELTS was just paper-based, and PTE exam was considered too difficult.
With the advent of new techniques and training methodologies, students' preferences have also evolved.
Now computer-based exams are preferred because they are considered easier to score.
Marvel Education Group is a leading provider of online English language examination preparation services. Our qualified tutors have been teaching English online to students all over the world for more than five years and have helped thousands of students with tutorial video sessions and live group classes.
Our interactive learning platform gives you access to our live classes, expert instructors, mock test and instructional material while guiding you through the learning process. We are one of the few online English teaching services to be accredited by ISO 9000.

The evidence is here

Marvel has a proven record of having the best technology and team with impeccable English proficiency.

Pearson PTE Academic score report of Bhrat Brij with the 90-all score

Marvel’s Philosophy


Follow the plan created by specialist PTE tutors


High-scoring techniques that are easy to learn


Implement the knowledge you learned on the practice portal


Get a response from an expert PTE tutor

Marvel Education Teachers

Marvel Education's instructors are all highly qualified, experienced specialists in English language education. Many of them also serve as examiners.
You will be able to meet some of them here.
Headshot of MarvelPTE Trainer Bhrat Brij wearing glasses

Bhrat Brij

Bhrat Brij has several years of teaching experience as a certified English language teacher. He has extensive experience in teaching English online and in international settings. Bhrat specialises in guiding aspirants for tests such as PTE, IELTS and CELPIP, and teaching English for Academic Purposes.
I was giving home tuition for maths, but then I wanted a diploma programme from Australia, and needed PTE score. Thank god I found a great tutor in Bhrat sir. He was very attentive to students’ needs and prepared me well so that I learned something new each day in class. Once again, I am thankful for everything you have done.
I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to study under Reet Mam's guidance. She is both a remarkable English teacher and a wonderful individual. Thanks to her efforts, my PTE Academic score reached 87. I also managed to achieve 85 in writing, 86 in reading, 88 in listening, and 90 in speaking!
Headshot of MarvelPTE Trainer Reet looking at the camera


For the past ten years, Reet has worked as an English teacher at places such as Chandigarh, Pune, New Delhi, and many other places. She specialises in preparation for various exams, including PTE and CELPIP. Additionally, she has extensive experience as an examiner, materials writer, and developer.

Vanita Handa

Vanita has been teaching English for over ten years now. She specialises in tutoring individuals in exam preparation, academics, and general English. Vanita's teaching method is highly acclaimed as she helps test taker get the desired score on the first attempt. She designs courses tailored to your particular requirements with the aim of helping you achieve a high score on the real exam.
She was very precise with all the lesson details and helped me complete every single item type. This tutor is better than any CELTA tutor out there. I would highly recommend her to every foreign language student who is beginning PTE preparation or IELTS preparation programme or has difficulties reaching the desired score.
Headshot of MarvelPTE Trainer Vanita looking at the camera

Mission and Vision

What we do

Marvel's qualified, experienced specialists help you get IELTS and PTE score using AI-based software, online classes and coaching at the institute.
Laptop of pte tutor with new features
Our commitment is to guide you and help you succeed in your standardised exams for English language skills like IELTS and PTE test. There is a technological revolution in education going on right now, and we are committed to bringing its power to your doorstep in the form of tools that are easy to use and effective in results.
Our vision includes flexible and effective teaching and learning on demand. Using a combination of lectures, techniques and course materials, we provide you with everything you need to prepare effectively and score high.
We provide access to online and classroom lectures and essential material like practice tests while offering franchise opportunities to meet remote students' needs.
Our ultimate objective is to equip every student with the skill and tools to conquer English examinations. We plan to combine multiple tuition delivery methods such as printed textbooks, video lectures, and classroom training for your seamless learning.

great team

Marvel's qualified and experienced specialists guide you with the best PTE training course, software, online classes, and coaching services at the institute.

Great Technology

We provide new opportunities for learning with Artificial Intelligence—benefiting everyone, from the poorest student to the smartest.

Great Results

Our PTE coaching program dramatically increases your Pearson test scores by providing integrated coaching and access to the software.

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Marvel is dedicated to contributing to humanity's betterment through appropriate education and the cultivation of qualified professionals.

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