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PTE Speaking

Speaking is one of the easiest parts of the PTE academic test to score 90 on. Marvel’s tutors have made this possible for all of the students out there. MarvelPTE offers all the tools you will ever need to get started.

This guide explains in detail what steps to take to ensure you score 90 points in PTE Speaking on the first attempt. Learn about all the tools that can improve your speaking using Artificial Intelligence.
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PTE Reading

Reading is considered the most challenging part of the PTE academic test by many students. Marvel's tutors made it easier for the students out there with their focus on grammar and effective techniques. The key to success is the detailed explanation which you get with MarvelPTE.

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PTE Writing

Writing is probably the most common weakness for English exam test takers. There are many reasons you too might be experiencing difficulty with the writing part of the PTE exam, and one of the most straightforward solutions is to focus on the tricks that we teach at MarvelPTE.

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PTE Listening

Listening in PTE is essential for your score in Speaking, Reading and Writing as well. It's a lot more helpful to focus on specific details and strategies for different Listening item types. MarvelPTE provides detailed explanations with proper techniques to help you get a good score in your Listening section!