What are Skill Tests?

Our Skill Tests represent a revolutionary step in PTE Academic preparation. They evaluate each PTE skill independently, offering a complete perspective on your strengths and weaknesses in a specific module. This holistic approach goes beyond traditional module-based tests, focusing instead on skill development across all modules.

Each question in a Skill Test is strategically selected based on its contribution to a single skill area, irrespective of its original module. This unique format allows you to concentrate on enhancing weaker skills, providing a clearer understanding of the PTE exam structure.

For example, when you would take a Practice Writing Test, you are only tested on writing tasks, which are:

  • Summarize Written Text
  • Write an Essay

Thus, the writing module's score in itself is out of 26. Whereas, in the real PTE Exam, your writing skill is tested on a broader range of tasks that contribute to the complete writing score.

If we list them down, these are:

  • Writing: Summarize Written Text
  • Writing: Write Essay
  • Reading: Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks
  • Listening: Summarize Spoken Text
  • Listening: Fill in the Blanks
  • Listening: Write from Dictation

Because of this distribution pattern, traditional tests that focus on individual modules give an incomplete picture. On the contrary, Skill Tests will include all the questions that contribute to the score of that particular section and are scored out of 90 for that section.

Why Opt for Skill Tests?

Skill Tests are more than just exams; they're a pathway to mastering individual PTE skills. By including all relevant questions for a particular skill, these tests enable a focused and effective study strategy. They are especially beneficial for:

  • Pinpointing specific areas of improvement.
  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of each PTE skill.
  • Preparing strategically for higher PTE scores.

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