After grueling coaching sessions and the final test, work from your end is done for the time being because the result usually comes within five working days. Till then you have to sit and wait for the result to be declared by the Pearson Group. In case of a delay, Pearson will notify you about the same with the reason mentioned along. Even if you don’t get this notification, then you can contact their office or send your grievances via mail. They will address your issue promptly.

However, these circumstances are very rare and it is quite sure that you will be getting your result within the duration of five working days. Once you get the result, it will determine the course of your next steps in your immigration process!

There can be two scenarios in this:-

  • If you get your dream score.
  • If you do not get your required score

We have discussed both of them in detail just below.

If you get your dream score.

If this is the case with your current PTE score status, you are bound to be ecstatic as the path ahead for your immigration process is clear and you can definitely apply for your visa or the PR. The things will be quite easy for you and you definitely will have no worries in going on with your filings.

There are further two separate scenarios here that you will have to look upon while visa filing:-

If you are currently a student

If you are a student living in your native country at present, you need to file for your student visa as soon as you get your score card. You need to be prompt in sending your scores to the universities that you are seeking admission into. You need to be already aware of the intakes of your chosen universities so that you can accordingly send them your scores as soon as you receive them. If you meet their eligibility criteria, it is very likely that you will get a reply or an offer letter from a university soon. Once you get a positive response and are able to make a decision, you need to fulfil all the other requisites necessary for admission into that university and also begin the process of visa filing immediately.

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If you are an immigrant-

If you wish to move to another country as its permanent resident, you will have to check whether you qualify for that or not. Every country has its own immigration policies. You will have to check whether you meet the requirements that have been set by the immigration department of the respective countries or not. If you are a professional and your skill requires assessment you have to get the assessment before applying for EOI (stands for Expression for Interest). However, if your profession is such that it does not require any assessment you don’t have to wait for the assessment and can directly apply for the EOI. Whatever might be the case for you, our Visa and Immigration consultants will help you out.

If you did not get the required PTE score

This second scenario can prove to be a little troublesome for you, if you are not well prepared for it beforehand!

'What if I am unable to attain the score that I need to continue with the immigration process?'

Rather than being disheartened, buck yourself up and prepare yourself for taking the exam again. Focus on analyzing your scores deeply to be able to locate all the points where you lacked in your attempt. I can assure you that if you’re able to identify your shortcomings, you will definitely be able to score more in your next PTE attempt. That is so because this time you will have the advantage of being familiar with the format of the exam. You will also be aware of the techniques and methods that you must employ in order to score higher bands this time around. Therefore, it is advised that you should continue with your preparation even if such a case arises.

Here too, we shall look at the case more broadly and analyze two situations

If you are a student

Even if you have been unable to score the optimum marks that are required to file a student visa, you must understand that there are other ways in which you can apply your file. For example, in Australia, there is a golden opportunity for students to enter the country using ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students). This is a test that non native users of English language can use and if they qualify it can enter into Australia. There are many colleges in Australia that accept ELICOS scores and will send you an offer letter on that basis. Though there will some terms and conditions, but you can still move to your dream country and can later on apply again through your PTE scores.

If you are an immigrant

For an immigrant there is actually no other way to enter into the country than by passing his or her PTE tests and scoring the required bands. You will have to secure the bands that your consultant tells you, you will be needing. For student visas, the countries can go a little lenient on their immigration policies and can provide them with various options, but this is not the case with the immigrants who will be applying for the permanent residency. The immigration policies for them are strict and cannot be bent. The points that are set by every country as the minimum eligibility criteria for entry into their countries as its permanent resident, who can enjoy mainly all the facilities and protection that is provided to their citizens. This definitely does not come easily and you will have to sit for your exam again.

In such a case, you will not be able to apply for Expression for Interest as well, as you will fall short of points and should therefore, book your exam again to secure more bands this time. However, before doing this you need to focus on the problematic areas that made you score less. Consult your trainer and understand, where did you go wrong and put in more efforts this time when you prepare your test. Your score card will help you realize where did you make the most mistakes in, strengthen that area.

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