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PTE preparation is different from any other English test. MarvelPTE offers the best practice test and mock test software for non native English speakers who struggle to get the desired score in the Pearson test for English language proficiency.

"Knowledge is only half the battle; rest depends on implementation."

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30 Day access to software
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Strategies for 20 Questions
Bhrat Sir’s Pearson Mock Video
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60 Day access to software
8 Mock Tests with feedback
Strategies for 20 Questions
Bhrat Sir’s Pearson Mock Video
Daily Online Classes (Mon-Fri, Multiple Times)
Discussion Sessions
Pronunciation Course
Grammar Course


Master Trainer: Bhrat Brij’s 90- All PTE Score

Pearson PTE Academic score report of Bhrat Brij with the 90-all score
How Often Do You Get To Meet Someone, Whom You Can Call A Genuine Expert? At Marvel's PTE training platform, we Have Been Blessed With Such A Rare Gem, Whose Score-Sheet Is A Shining Star In This Darkness Of Misguidance / Misinformation.

Not all students have equal calibre; they have different levels of expertise in communicative skill like Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.
Some need a little guidance, while others would like their mentor to hold their hands and carry them across.
A PTE general student with non-English education can attest to the struggle they have to face with each enabling skill.
No matter what your English level is, a genuine expert will be able to provide you with precisely what you need.

At Marvel PTE, You Will Find That Bhrat Brij Has Worked Towards A Solution To All Your Problems.
When you work with a tutor who is well versed in all the required language skills for the PTE Academic exam, you are assured that you do not have to look any further.

Do not miss this opportunity! While you are thinking about how to get the target PTE Academic score for Visa.
Those who have taken action have already become eligible for an Australian visa.


Make your PTE score a reality

If you need a high score in PTE result for English proficiency. But you are uncertain and confused regarding which PTE course to join; you should know the features in English academic software you should look for before starting anywhere.
Oral Fluency Analyser
Pitch analyser
Template for Describe Image
Template for Retell Lecture
Read Aloud Strategies
Essay Templates
Relevancy analyser
AI Analysis
Grammar Strategies
Reading Strategies
Video Explanations
Shortcuts and Hacks
SST Template
AI Analysis
Timed Practice
Shortcuts and Hacks
Write from Dictation Tricks

Additional features

Get more than classes

You get much more than just PTE course
Mock tests
Marvel PTE's Mock Scores are the best indicator of your readiness for the PTE Academic test.
AI Analysis
Analyses your practice questions. It will show you where you need to improve.
Expert Feedback
Marvel's specialists give feedback on your answers, telling you your mistakes and what you can do to eliminate them.
Grammar Course
Grammar topics that ensure you understand everything about the PTE exam.
Pronunciation Course
Pronunciation lectures will ensure you get everything about the PTE speaking right out of the gate.
Study Plan
A comprehensive study plan based on the requirements of your desired PTE score.
Prediction Material
Be the first to get all the questions predicted to appear on an upcoming exam.
1-to-1 Sessions
Get 1-on-1 consultation with one of our experts to discuss your issues in more detail.
Real Exam Questions
You will find all the Writing, Listening, Reading and Speaking questions you need for your exam right here.


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