PTE or Pearson's Test of English is an English proficiency accepted in various countries for multiple purposes like academic, work visa, etc
This article is aimed at candidates preparing to study abroad or those of you who wish to work on migration and abroad.

So firstly, I'll be introducing you to the PTE academic exam and PTE general exam; what are they? How can they help? How can they help? And where can they allow candidates to go, looking to study abroad and migrate? We will also look at the PTE portfolio. There are multiple tests within it, each having their own specific purposes. That's something that will get clarified as you'll be reading through.

Then we'll look at the PTE exam pattern, benefits of the PTE test, the difference of PTE test from other high stakes English tests, and finally, how Marvel can guide you to sail through it!|.

Our objective is to help people get a good PTE result by progressing through the access to better learning, opening opportunities, fulfilling careers, and creating better lives. Pearson is one of the world's largest standardized testing and education companies that conducts these tests in over 70 countries. They also operate in several areas, including online learning, textbooks, programs, and testing and accreditation. And that's where PTE comes into the picture. For example, Pearson has a wide range of testing for languages and vocational skills for driving tests, and PTE is an important part of that portfolio.

We're seeing an evolving picture and diversification of the destinations to move to at the same time. And if you throw COVID-19 into the picture, that complicates things even further. We've seen from large-scale student surveys that around 60% of prospective international students have been impacted in some way or other by the new normal of COVID. Where border restrictions, lack of availability for language testing are two major parts of it!. However, on a positive note, in the most recent QoS report, despite the impact of COVID and Brexit, there is still a strong underlying demand to study abroad. About 78% of students still intend to continue and fulfill their study ambitions in other countries. So that's the picture we're seeing, and obviously, it still goes beyond. This English language testing stage of that journey is now becoming a fast, flexible, on-demand solution and it is recognized by a diverse range institutions that are willing to help students to go .This is going to prove beneficial to the test-takers and international students in Europe and the people you work with within several agencies as well.

PTE is a portfolio of computer-based language tests, which provide the most unbiased and secure proof of a candidate's English skills for university professional and migration applications. In addition, PTE tests are quite convenient and have a very simple booking process that can be done up to 24 hours before the commencement test.

The test is taken in a single two-hour period, including speaking. So, the student or the test taker has a very quick and simple testing process on the day, and they also have a quick turnaround when it comes to scoring and results. And in 2019, about 85% of PTE results were delivered within two days, and the average was 1.2 days. So, there's a very quick turnaround between booking the test and receiving the results.

It is a very accurate test, being computer-based and scored by artificial intelligence, and Pearson ensures that the scoring is impartial and accurate. The standard error of measurement in language testing is often discussed, which is the difference between a test score and a test taker's true English score. Through extensive research, PTE is the high-stakes test with the smallest standard error of measurement. The relevance and objectivity of the forms of the types of questions in PTE academic have genuine academic content and integrated tasks that test more than one skill, so looking at tasks that test listening and speaking to reflect what a prospective student will encounter in a university or academic environment.

PTE is an extremely secure test. Given that it is recognized by 1000s of universities and governments worldwide, it needs to provide a very highly secure experience. And this includes the security at test centres. The fact that PTE is completely computer-based, digital, and can provide enhanced accuracy and security will then, in turn, provide test takers with more confidence in their results and the institutions they are going through.

That gives an overview of what PTE is and how PTE is different from other tests. Let me also provide an overview of the PTE portfolio as well. So, PTE academic is a test accepted for Australian visas recognized by 1000s of universities worldwide for international study. Now it is recognized by the U.K. home office for all U.K. visas, which means that several new tests have been introduced to this portfolio, including PTE academic UKVI, which is exactly the same as PTE academic in its content format and delivery. However, it is specifically accepted for certain work visas and study below degree levels. So, if a student is looking to do a foundation course or a pathway course, at a Parkway provider, for example, they would require a PTE academic UKVI test.

PTE II Home is another suite of tests, which are two skills tests, which focuses mainly on two skills: listening and speaking. And they are made with a specific purpose of being used for family and settlement visas. So, the test taker will take a PTE Home test if they're looking to join a family member in the U.K. or apply for citizenship in the U.K. to settle. Therefore, these rules wouldn't necessarily be as relevant to your lines of business, which might be more focused on study.

The process of booking PTE is quite a streamlined process, and bookings can be made online. Then again, the scores are ready within 48 hours, which can then be assigned to the institution or immigration authority they are looking to apply. Starting with the booking, if a test taker goes to, they can choose their country and see the range of centres nearest to them and the local price.

And from then on, you can follow the link to 'book now,' and book a test immediately at your convenience at an on-demand session and move through this whole process in a short period of time. As you will prepare for the test, and by the time you'll be ready to take it, you will be aware of the three areas you have prepared for, particularly. The speaking, writing, reading, and listening section will all be delivered within a single two-hour session.

With practice you'll be getting completely ready to face the test in the actual 'at center' condition. As you have noticed in the blog explaining the pattren, some of the items will be testing more than one skill at onece. That is one of the reasons why you need to understand the pattren of the exam and have to practice the particular type of languages to be used in an academic context during the test.(Omit last line as it irrelevant to the contextof the para)

This is what a PTE score report would look like. First, you can see that there is a test taker I.D. or their test taker information. And then, the scores themselves will be divided into communicative skills. So, you can see listening, reading, speaking, and writing and then enabling skills that are not taken into account in the overall score, which you can see midway down the page that overall score of 61. But they will be there for the test taker to understand the areas of language where they might need some improvement or areas of language where they are particularly strong beyond just the four skills. Then, once the test taker has received those results, they send their results on Pearson's secure score report websites to the universities or the immigration authorities that they are looking to apply.

This is a concordance between PTE academic and the Common European Framework of Reference on scoring. So, where we are aligned to the CFR, you can also see a concordance to IELTS or some IELTS bands and TOEFL. PTE is scored on a scale of 10 to 90; this is called the global scale of English. It's used for a variety of Pearson products. The benefits of the global scale English are that it will give a much more granular indication of test takers' English proficiency.

In contrast, an IELTS band will be fairly wide in its range of proficiency covering. For example, within one IELTS band, you might find seven points on the global scale of English, allowing for a more precise indication of students' proficiency. All of the universities that recognize us will have their minimum GCSE scores on their admissions websites.

What are PTE academic test and PTE general test?

The PTE Academic exam is an exam taken by non-native English speakers aspiring to study abroad. As the name suggests, it is more concentrated on an academic point of view of testing English proficiency. The PTE Academic score is a necessary document to get admission to universities, just like the IELTS test.

The PTE is a two-hour exam that is completely computer-based. the PTE academic exam pattern involves PTE speaking and PTE writing, PTE Reading, and PTE Listening.

The listening section is 30-43 minutes long, the writing and speaking section is 54-67 minutes long, while the reading section is 29- 30 minutes long. The detailed description of the subparts of all the sections is given below in a tabulated form.

The PTE general test is the same as the PTE academic, but it is less relevant to studies. It consists of two parts a written paper and an interview.

What is the difference between PTE academic and PTE academic UKVI?

The first thing to say is that, as I said before, there is absolutely no difference in the content of the test and the delivery of the test. These are exactly the same. The only difference really is in the registration process; given that need to comply with the U.K. home office procedures, a Celt reference number is added to that score report. This means that PTE academic UKVI can be taken even if the U.K. University does not strictly require it.

So, for example, if a student is looking to study at the University of Bristol, they can take PTE academic UKVI or PTE academic both will be accepted because the test is exactly the same. We would recommend that they take PTE academic, but they can take both; nothing is stopping them from doing either, and all of our test centres You have offered both PTE academic and PTE academic UK VI as well, so they have a choice of tests. This is just an indication of where both tests are accepted, so PTE academic UKVI can also be taken for Australian visas and immigration. For example, University entry scholarship programs and PTE academic UKVI are required for certain U.K. work visas. So, if students are looking to go in a pathway program or foundation program, they would need a UKVI test. And if they are looking to do this, they would require a PTE academic UKVI test.

Let's have a quick word about PTE Home now. It consists of three levels that are Level A1,Level A2 and Level B1 that test your skill of listening and speaking. It is accpeted for family and settlement visa whithin the U.k After clearing these levels the test-takers will receive a pass-fail result; it's a much shorter test, only 30 minutes long. And visas like family visas, for settlement and citizenship purposes or for extensions of visas require PTE ll home tests in U.K. So, most of these can be taken for applying in the U.K. But you can also take any particular test as per your requirment.

So that introduces the PTE portfolio. I think it's even though PTE home and PTE academic UKVI are less relevant to the study space. We feel it's important to give that more holistic picture to know exactly which test is recognized for which purpose and looking really at the next step. PTE is a test that is widely recognized not only by U.K. universities but also universities within Europe, universities outside Europe, and the U.S., Australia, and Canada. And this gives a good picture, I think of where PTE is recognized around the world. Starting in the U.K., we are recognized by 98% of universities within the U.K., including all U.K. visa categories and that cheapening scholarship.

So if students are looking to go on this scholarship, PTE is recognized for that purpose. Within Europe, PTE is recognized by 100% of universities in Sweden, Finland, and Ireland and 88% of universities in Norway and other European destinations. In Germany, for example, PTE is recognized by 40 universities, in France by 24 also in Italy and Poland 17 and, 28 respectively.

With emerging study destinations we have also witnessed growth in the number of recognized institutions. For example, in Australia & New Zealand, PTE is now recognized by 100% of universities, currently 90% in Canada currently, and 1000+ institutions in the U.S. Therefore, there are many opportunities for aspirants to explore and choose from.

Another benefit to recommending PTE tests is, again, the points of fairness and speeds. I mentioned before that PTE is recognized by artificial intelligence. And this allows a completely impartial score that only judges test-takers' language and doesn't consider other factors like nationality, gender, or ethnicity. This completely impartial scoring mechanism allows us to be very objective in assessment and make sure that we only assess test takers' English language proficiency, software. This mechanism has been developed through years of testing.

Over 10s of 1000s of sample answers have been tested by human markers, which are then fed into a mechanism, allowing the software to harness the power of human marking in a completely impartial way. These mechanisms are accepted by the U.K., Australian governments, and universities that recognize PTE on speed. And the entire process from registering for PTE to receiving scores could be as little as four days long.

Flexibility is becoming more and more essential when it comes to language testing for studying abroad and migration.

Another benefit to recommending PTE is convenience, and this links to where the testing is done. At the moment, as things stand, we have test centres in 350 locations across the world.

Currently, PTE is being tested in 82 countries and looking at Europe, specifically in Paris, Milan, Madrid, and Eastern Europe, such as Azerbaijan, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, and in the Mediterranean, etc.

For each test session, candidates must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time; there will be some security checks, such as an identification check, a palm vein scan, and CCTV monitoring during the test. It's also important to mention that social distancing and the increased health risks due to COVID-19, adopted by the test centres, check a range of health and safety measures to ensure that each test taker has the safest and most secure health and experience possible. Some of these measures include hand sanitizer upon arrival; some centres will also provide temperature checks, masks available, and disposable gloves.

Lastly, we at Marvel's Education have a variety of online self-study materials on our website ,like and video tutorials, practice questions, etc. We would encourage test-takers to take a practice test before taking their life test. So that they are completely clear on where they are compared to where they need to be.

How can we at Marvel help you?

Steps for getting the PTE score:

  • Step 1: Attend lecture for strategies
  • Step 2: Ask any doubts during the lecture
  • Step 3: Practice on A.I. powered software and Implement strategies
  • Step 4: Mock test to check actual position
  • Step 5: Take feedback on mock test
  • Step 6: Give the main exam, implementing everything just as you practiced
  • Step 7: Enjoy your PTE score

Improving the Speaking score for PTE is a really simple process. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Create an account on
  • Step 2: Attend lecture for speaking strategies and templates
  • Step 3: Practice on A.I. powered software and Implement strategies
  • Step 4: Take a Mock Test to check your actual position
  • Step 5: Take feedback on mock test
  • Step 6: Go for the Pearson PTE exam and enjoy your PTE Speaking score


  • Many of our material is repeated in real PTE exams, so you already have a big advantage being accustomed to the PTE exam format.
  • A.I.-based speaking and writing analysis tell you instantly where your answers can be improved. For example, PTE uses A.I. to check speaking and writing, but they don't tell you where you are making mistakes. Here at Marvel, you can immediately check where you made a mistake. This way, even students with very poor English have increased their scores significantly.
  • Reading is the part that especially troubles students in PTE. Therefore, we provide special techniques to quickly solve Blanks, Re-Orders, Multiple Choice questions, multiple answers, single answer, missing word questions.
  • We also provide special assistance for bettering the listening and writing sections, such as highlighting incorrect words, PTE essay writing, repeat sentences, etc. We also train and guide candidates for speaking tests to improve their proficiency, ultimately obtaining their desired score.
  • Every week dozens of students are getting their scores because of our templates. These templates are verified by A.I. and enable you to score quickly without thinking and working.
  • We have 90-all scorers who take PTE classes.
  • You will get a subscription to a state-of-the-art A.I. based intelligent software for PTE, on which you can practice and acclimatize with the test environment.
  • You will also get 4 PTE mock tests (1 fully scored mock every week) on MarvelPTE's A.I. based software, along with classes and tricks to score easily.

As we always say, practice as much as you can before the PTE exam date.

What do you get?

  • 20 classes
  • 4 fully scored mock tests with feedback
  • 4 live discussion classes
  • Subscription to our A.I.-based software (similar technology which Pearson uses in real PTE evaluation).
  • Templates and strategies for speaking, writing and listening questions
  • Special strategies for reading questions.
  • Fully recorded Pearson mock video of Bhrat Sir, where he got 90 all too, and you can see how to implement all strategies correctly.
  • Exam occurring mode with latest questions

We also provide both online and offline PTE coaching, so you can ask our experts for any query that you come across. In addition, you can visit our website and our institute Marvel Education for PTE and IELTS in Zirakpur.


Remote proctored exams have become a big point now with the closure of centres earlier during COVID. There have been some new remote exams that universities have accepted for study purposes. The PTE exams can now be taken online from home with a remote proctor. The commencement of this new format exam will be from 16th November 2021.

There is another test called the versant placement test, which is another Pearson test. It isn't PTE. It's a shorter online Remote Proctor test, which many U.K. universities have accepted for admissions purposes. So, if it's necessary to take a test at home, they can consider the options given above according to what is accepted by their universities.

You've got information about the scoring to help you understand what's important and test tips for each question type that will help you prepare and understand what you need to do in the test. And you can also find further information and a tailored preparation pathway on the Marvel PTE academic's official site.

On the PTE test day, arrive 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam to verify the I.D. and other formalities. Then, of course, you would be able to leave the test centre earlier than before.

For more information on different PTE exam sections check the